Helping Your Baby Take Their First Steps

Seeing your baby start to walk is one of the most amazing milestones a parent can witness. It’s a moment that leads to so many other firsts as they become better able to explore the world around them. It isn’t possible to predict the exact day they’ll decide to get up and take their first steps, but there are ways to help ease them into this new transition and be more mobile. The progression to […]

The Benefits of Sensory Play

When your baby enters the world, they’re immediately greeted by countless stimuli for their senses. Everything is new, which is why helping them explore by using their five senses — sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch — is crucial to their development and growth. To do this, you can engage them in what’s known as “sensory play,” which involves games and activities to test their senses and expose them to new things. By engaging in […]

How to Support Your Recovery After Delivery

Delivering your baby is an incredibly beautiful experience that really demonstrates how amazing the human body is. This experience is also quite a traumatic one on the body. While that isn’t meant to scare you, it’s important to know what to expect and how to help your body heal properly after delivery. There are different steps to take based on whether you had a vaginal delivery or a cesarean/c-section to ensure proper postpartum recovery. Vaginal […]

Dealing With Common Infant Digestive Issues

Infants have very sensitive digestive systems that can become easy to upset. Digestive issues are to be expected as your baby continues to grow and develop, but of course you want to keep them as happy and comfortable as you can and make sure they’re getting the proper daily nutrients. To help you do this, we’re sharing some basic facts and tips on the common digestive issues you can expect with your new baby. Gas […]

Traveling With Your Baby for the First Time

Now that the holiday season has begun, you may be preparing to travel to spend time with family and friends. If you’ve recently had a baby and will be traveling with your young child for the first time, the prospect may be giving you some additional holiday stress. While there is no way to guarantee your child will be a perfect angel throughout the entire trip, making some advance preparations can help you be ready […]

How Pregnancy Impacts Your Hormones

The role of hormones in relation to pregnancy cannot be understated. They help you conceive your child and ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Once you become pregnant, your hormone levels will shift in a way you haven’t experienced before, and this can mean some noticeable changes to how you look and feel. Here are four of the most common things you may experience due to changes in hormone levels: Energy Levels Progesterone is one […]

Skin Changes to Expect During Pregnancy

It may seem like everything about your body changes while you’re pregnant. Because of the shifts in your hormones and the many ways your body prepares for the baby, it’s safe to say that’s true. One of the changes that can be frustrating for women who are pregnant is how their skin is impacted, but it’s important not to put extra stress on yourself over them. That’s why we rounded up four of the most […]

The Best Ways to Get Your Rest When Pregnant

Fatigue is just one of the aspects of pregnancy that can start to slow you down. Throughout your pregnancy, you may feel incredible bursts of energy that spark your creativity and allow you to really rest, but then your energy may swing in entirely the opposite direction, stopping you from getting much done. It’s good to know both are normal and to be expected — the important thing is to listen to your body and […]