What are the benefits of yoga in pregnancy and beyond?

During pregnancy, it is recommended to stay active and take regular moderate exercise. In recent years, this has led to a booming market in classes and groups designed for pregnant women. Many women enjoy prenatal yoga for its combination of relaxation and fitness, and there is evidence that this is beneficial for both mum and baby. Good for your body – Yoga increases strength and flexibility, helping you to prepare your body for childbirth. It […]

5 Natural Methods To Speed Along Labour If You’re Overdue

Research shows only about 1 in 25 babies are born on their actual due date. 1 in 5 arrive at 41 weeks or even later. So remember it’s very common for babies to take their time arriving! But we know (from our own experiences) that it can feel very frustrating to go over your due date. Every day that your baby is in your womb, they are developing and preparing for the world outside. In […]