So why is it  Easy Mom & Baby,  rather than Easy Mum & Baby, you ask?  Good question!. You see, I launched this business with a partner in the USA a few years ago and it really took off.  No American would look at a brand with ‘Mum’ in the title and so Easy Mom & Baby was born. We know that the Brits are more forgiving when it comes to American English, so we decided to keep the brand name on all of our products.  Just to make it easier for us UK folk, you can find us at both of and

We love a natural approach to childbirth and caring for your baby. We love and promote breastfeeding and baby wearing.  We adore bamboo fabric for babies, as you see when you look at our products. We take yours and your baby’s nutrition and health very seriously.

Whether it’s fashion, fitness or fun during pregnancy or in those early months as a new mum, the growing Easy Mom & Baby community has something for you. Visit our regular blog, enjoy our Pinterest Pins and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I hope you’ll love all that Easy Mom & Baby has to offer.

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This is who we are:

Lis Protherough

  • Managing director aka The Boss
  • Mum of three young boys, author, entrepreneur
  • Previous life before kids in accounting & finance escaped, in one piece – just!
  • Been there, got the battle scars and come out alive and happy
  • Founded our sister site in 2006 and also in 2016
  • Dedicated to making your pregnancy and early motherhood a time of joy, style, comfort and ease

Laurie Green

  • USA Co-founder of Easy Mom & Baby
  • Mum to 3 lively boys
  • Formerly an actress, now an entrepreneur
  • Passionate about enjoying mummyhood
  • Totally mad, in a good way!
Easy Mom and Baby Customer Service

Angela Fraser

  • Marketing, Customer Services and Admin manager
  • Mum of a girl and a boy
  • Does most of the real work …