Why is my baby crying?

Why is my baby crying?   A baby’s first cry after being born is an emotional and reassuring moment for parents. However, for new parents, continuous crying can become worrying and overwhelming, especially when you are not sure how you can comfort your baby. Everyone knows that babies cry, but some cry more than others and some babies are harder to settle when they do. Here are a few reasons that might explain a baby’s […]

The Great Baby Sleeping Debate

So how well does your baby sleep? Sleep is so important for healthy babies and their tired parents! There are a few lucky parents who wonder what all the fuss is about, whereas the rest of us tear our hair out trying to establish good sleeping patterns. As with everything baby, there are so many opposing views. So, should you leave your baby to cry? Should you nurse him to sleep? Should you wait until […]

Safe Sleep Guide

Sleep is so important for healthy babies (and tired parents!). They’ll spend a lot of their first year of life sleeping, which will strengthen their immune system and aid in their growth and development. Making sure your baby gets the sleep they need may mean drastic changes to your routine and obeying the cardinal rule: Never wake a sleeping baby. But how your baby sleeps is just as important as how much they sleep. What […]

The Best Ways to Get Your Rest When Pregnant

Fatigue is just one of the aspects of pregnancy that can start to slow you down. Throughout your pregnancy, you may feel incredible bursts of energy that spark your creativity and allow you to really rest, but then your energy may swing in entirely the opposite direction, stopping you from getting much done. It’s good to know both are normal and to be expected — the important thing is to listen to your body and […]