The Benefits of Sensory Play

When your baby enters the world, they’re immediately greeted by countless stimuli for their senses. Everything is new, which is why helping them explore by using their five senses — sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch — is crucial to their development and growth. To do this, you can engage them in what’s known as “sensory play,” which involves games and activities to test their senses and expose them to new things. By engaging in […]

How to Support Your Recovery After Delivery

Delivering your baby is an incredibly beautiful experience that really demonstrates how amazing the human body is. This experience is also quite a traumatic one on the body. While that isn’t meant to scare you, it’s important to know what to expect and how to help your body heal properly after delivery. There are different steps to take based on whether you had a vaginal delivery or a cesarean/c-section to ensure proper postpartum recovery. Vaginal […]

Traveling With Your Baby for the First Time

Now that the holiday season has begun, you may be preparing to travel to spend time with family and friends. If you’ve recently had a baby and will be traveling with your young child for the first time, the prospect may be giving you some additional holiday stress. While there is no way to guarantee your child will be a perfect angel throughout the entire trip, making some advance preparations can help you be ready […]

The Best Ways to Get Your Rest When Pregnant

Fatigue is just one of the aspects of pregnancy that can start to slow you down. Throughout your pregnancy, you may feel incredible bursts of energy that spark your creativity and allow you to really rest, but then your energy may swing in entirely the opposite direction, stopping you from getting much done. It’s good to know both are normal and to be expected — the important thing is to listen to your body and […]

Babywearing 101: Comparing the Options

As you prepare for the arrival of your baby, you’ve probably considered purchasing a baby carrier of some sort to help you move around with your child more easily. But the amount of options can be overwhelming. What are the pros and cons of these different styles and, more importantly, why should you invest in a baby carrier? There are a range of benefits to the practice of babywearing. The most obvious one being that […]

Keeping Your Baby Hydrated

When your baby is first born, they’ll rely on either breastmilk, formula or a combination of both, to not only provide their nutrition, but also to keep them hydrated. Maintaining proper hydration is very important, as dehydration can be life threatening in infants. But what should you give them once they’re older? Water Basics Once your baby reaches one year of age, you’ll begin giving them water on a daily basis to help them stay […]

7 Different Birthing Positions to Explore for Delivery

When it comes to the position of your body, there is more than one way to give birth. Women around the world have long used different positions to deliver babies in a way that is safe for both mother and child. The most important things are your comfort as well as the safety of you and your child. If you think sitting halfway up with your feet in the stirrups is the only way to […]

How to Handle a Tantrum

You recognize it the second it begins. Maybe their little cheeks get red or they ball up their tiny fists. Maybe they fall to the floor crying or just stand and scream. It’s a tantrum, and it doesn’t take long for one fit to become incredibly overwhelming. Unfortunately, tantrums are a part of raising kids and as soon as your baby figures out how to express disapproval, they start turning up the heat to try […]

Ear Infections 101

Ear infections are a common, but no less heartbreaking condition your baby may develop in their early years of life. While they aren’t always easy to avoid, treating them has gotten much easier over the years. In order to better detect an ear infection in your child and get your baby the relief they need quickly, it’s best to know the basics. What Causes an Ear Infection? Babies are most susceptible to ear infections, also […]

The Great Pacifier Debate

Pacifiers have become one of the most debated childcare objects. Used for years to soothe fussy babies, they’re now often criticized as much as praised. But are they good or bad to use for your baby? How long should your child use a pacifier? Pros of Using a Pacifier When your baby is upset, you’ll do anything to make them happy, since every moment they cry can bring you closer to crying yourself. Pacifiers are […]

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