Love, Love, Love – The Love of a Mother for her Child

Our post today is in celebration of Valentine’s Day.  It was originally published a year ago, but the content is still fresh in my memory and my feelings are as intense about the people involved as they were back then. However, this post is not the usual stuff of Valentine’s Day – the celebration of or the hope of romantic love or all that sweet sugary marketing hype that we have all become used to. […]

7 Top Toys for Playing Outside

We hear a lot about how important it is for children to get into the fresh air and play outside. But does that really mean you need to fill your garden up with loads of plastic products? We prefer a more natural and simple approach to playing, and one that will inspire your children to use their imaginations (and be less painful on your finances!). Here are our top toys for playing outside. A scooter, […]

How to help your children (and you!) sleep well at night

A couple of months  ago we posted our article on Safe Sleep for Babies, but sleep is equally as important for your older children and for you. Why is sleep important? Good sleep is essential for good health. It is as important as nutrition and exercise for everyone, both children and adults. We know what it’s like when our children (or us!) haven’t had a good night’s sleep – it can affect their mood, behaviour […]

How to Treat Baby Eczema

The incredibly sensitive nature of your newborn’s skin makes them far more susceptible to skin irritations and common skin conditions. One such condition is eczema. And while it can make your baby uncomfortable, it can be managed at home to keep it under control. What Is Eczema? Eczema is a type of rash that usually develops in babies within the first six months of life. The most common type of eczema babies develop is known […]

Traveling With Your Baby for the First Time

Now that the holiday season has begun, you may be preparing to travel to spend time with family and friends. If you’ve recently had a baby and will be traveling with your young child for the first time, the prospect may be giving you some additional holiday stress. While there is no way to guarantee your child will be a perfect angel throughout the entire trip, making some advance preparations can help you be ready […]

How to Handle a Tantrum

You recognize it the second it begins. Maybe their little cheeks get red or they ball up their tiny fists. Maybe they fall to the floor crying or just stand and scream. It’s a tantrum, and it doesn’t take long for one fit to become incredibly overwhelming. Unfortunately, tantrums are a part of raising kids and as soon as your baby figures out how to express disapproval, they start turning up the heat to try […]

How to Babyproof Your Home

Once you welcome a child into your family, you have to make adjustments to every aspect of how you live. You have to make sure the home you live in will be a safe environment for your baby, especially as they grow and become more mobile. What should you absolutely do to make your home “babyproof?” The work should begin before your baby is born. After all, once they arrive, your free time will decrease […]

Providing Encouragement for Your Kids

From the time your baby is born, you’ll spend a significant amount of time documenting their “firsts.” The first time they sit up by themselves, the first time they say “Mom” and the first time they point out the color purple or use the toilet by themselves. These little milestones are incredibly special to share with your partner and your child, creating those irreplaceable memories you’ll both look back on one day. It’s important to […]

Looking Out for Your Child’s Oral Health

Once you see that first tiny tooth in your baby’s mouth, it’s a sign of big changes to come. Soon they’ll be moving onto new types of foods and toys, continuing to change before your eyes. But did you know you need to implement an oral care regimen for your child’s health before that first baby tooth appears? It may sound like just one more thing to add to the list, but don’t let it […]

Preparing Your First Born to Become a Sibling

Bringing a new baby into the family is a big adjustment. It can be challenging not only for mom and dad, who now need to learn to juggle more than one child, but also for the first born, who must adjust from being an only child to an older sibling. We have some tips to help you navigate this transition, so your little one is ready to embrace their new little brother or sister when […]

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