How to help your children (and you!) sleep well at night

A couple of months  ago we posted our article on Safe Sleep for Babies, but sleep is equally as important for your older children and for you. Why is sleep important? Good sleep is essential for good health. It is as important as nutrition and exercise for everyone, both children and adults. We know what it’s like when our children (or us!) haven’t had a good night’s sleep – it can affect their mood, behaviour […]

How to Treat Baby Eczema

The incredibly sensitive nature of your newborn’s skin makes them far more susceptible to skin irritations and common skin conditions. One such condition is eczema. And while it can make your baby uncomfortable, it can be managed at home to keep it under control. What Is Eczema? Eczema is a type of rash that usually develops in babies within the first six months of life. The most common type of eczema babies develop is known […]

Explore the Many Benefits of Breast Milk

Choosing to breastfeed your baby is an important decision every mom to be must make. If it’s something you’re able to do, you should know that breast milk is a remarkably healthy choice of nourishment for your little one and the act of feeding them is a wonderful way to bond. But do you know all the benefits of breast milk? There’s more to it than you might think. Breast Milk Basics Once you become […]

6 Things Pregnant Women Can Do To Start Enhancing Their Babies’ Cognitive Development

While you’re carrying your child, it may seem too early to be thinking about how they’ll perform in school. As if there isn’t enough to worry about. But being mindful of their cognitive development while your baby is in utero can make a difference in how they learn, retain information and behave after they’re born. But how? It’s not like you can show them flash cards. Believe it or not, there are some things you […]

12 Facts You Should Know About Newborn Babies

Having a baby brings with it plenty of questions. Probably too many to count. What will they look like? How will they change and how fast? What do they need? We’ve rounded up some important things to know about caring for your newborn baby and some facts about their development in those first weeks and months so you can focus on bonding with them and taking care of yourself with a bit less stress: Bathing: […]

Comforting Your Baby with Chamomile

When your baby isn’t feeling well, you want to find an effective remedy that works quickly. But more than that, you want something that will be safe. As your baby gets older, they’ll have more options, but in the beginning, homeopathic, alternative remedies may well be the best option. One of our favorite homeopathic solutions is chamomile, due to its versatility and safety. Chamomile Basics Chamomile is a plant that has been used for thousands […]

Dealing With Common Infant Digestive Issues

Infants have very sensitive digestive systems that can become easy to upset. Digestive issues are to be expected as your baby continues to grow and develop, but of course you want to keep them as happy and comfortable as you can and make sure they’re getting the proper daily nutrients. To help you do this, we’re sharing some basic facts and tips on the common digestive issues you can expect with your new baby. Gas […]

Traveling With Your Baby for the First Time

Now that the holiday season has begun, you may be preparing to travel to spend time with family and friends. If you’ve recently had a baby and will be traveling with your young child for the first time, the prospect may be giving you some additional holiday stress. While there is no way to guarantee your child will be a perfect angel throughout the entire trip, making some advance preparations can help you be ready […]

Ear Infections 101

Ear infections are a common, but no less heartbreaking condition your baby may develop in their early years of life. While they aren’t always easy to avoid, treating them has gotten much easier over the years. In order to better detect an ear infection in your child and get your baby the relief they need quickly, it’s best to know the basics. What Causes an Ear Infection? Babies are most susceptible to ear infections, also […]

Safe Cold and Flu Remedies for Pregnant Women

Being sick is never convenient. But when you’re sick while pregnant, it can feel like you’ll never get well without the medications you’re used to taking. Extra precaution is essential when you’re carrying a child, as traditional cold and flu medications can pose dangerous risks to the child. So, what can you do when you get sick while pregnant? First let’s look at the common cold. You know it the moment it starts — that […]

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