Building Your Baby’s Vocabulary

When your baby is first born, you live for every new giggle and noise they make. Once those babbles begin to sound like words and phrases, you start spending more time wondering what their voice will sound like and what type of personality they will develop. From the beginning, you can help your child develop their vocabulary through various techniques, games and exercises that will assist them in identifying certain sounds and letters and eventually […]

The Best Brain-Boosting Foods for Baby

Once your baby starts consuming more solid foods, it can be overwhelming trying to plan the menu for someone who can’t even speak. Babies need the right blend of nutrients daily to help them grow and develop properly, which is why planning is important. One of the most crucial things to consider is their brain development, so they can begin recognizing shapes, colors and objects, processing what they hear around them and then one day, […]

Brain-Boosting Activities for Toddlers

Once your child reaches the toddler stage, the way they play has become much more hands on. Usually, you can’t get them to keep their hands off anything. They’re more observant and eager to know what everything is around them, which is a great thing. Taking advantage of all that energy and enthusiasm provides plenty of ways to teach your toddler new things, making every day games into learning activities to boost their vocabulary, creativity […]