How to help your children (and you!) sleep well at night

A couple of months  ago we posted our article on Safe Sleep for Babies, but sleep is equally as important for your older children and for you. Why is sleep important? Good sleep is essential for good health. It is as important as nutrition and exercise for everyone, both children and adults. We know what it’s like when our children (or us!) haven’t had a good night’s sleep – it can affect their mood, behaviour […]

Safe Sleep Guide

Sleep is so important for healthy babies (and tired parents!). They’ll spend a lot of their first year of life sleeping, which will strengthen their immune system and aid in their growth and development. Making sure your baby gets the sleep they need may mean drastic changes to your routine and obeying the cardinal rule: Never wake a sleeping baby. But how your baby sleeps is just as important as how much they sleep. What […]

The Importance of Setting a Bedtime for Your Baby

Babies are nothing if not unpredictable. Yes, you’ll learn your child’s likes, dislikes and patterns over time, but sometimes it can seem like what makes them happy one day makes them unhappy the next. While it can’t always be helped, one thing can make all the difference: consistency. One way to help keep your sanity intact and set yourself up for success is to establish a set bedtime for your baby. What are some of […]

How to Improve Your Baby’s Sleep

Is your baby keeping you up at night? Getting your little one to sleep through the night on their own is one of the biggest hurdles for new parents, but with some trial and error and these suggestions, you can conquer it and help you and your baby get the rest you need. What causes babies to have trouble sleeping? There can be many sources of poor sleep for a baby and it can take […]