Wrapped in Swaddling Clothes – Bamboo Style

The background to swaddling your baby

When you have a newborn baby, you are likely to be bombarded with advice. Do this, don’t do this! Do that, don’t do that! There are definitely trends in baby care – what your mother did with you, may not be what you choose to do with your baby.

One technique which seems to have stood the test of time is that of swaddling your baby. Yes, there was a scare a few years ago that swaddling may increase the incidence of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).  However, now experts believe that SIDS occurs in babies who, for reasons unknown, are vulnerable to certain environmental stresses. These include tobacco smoke, getting tangled in bedding, a minor illness or a breathing obstruction.

One key recommendation to reduce the risk has been to always put babies to sleep on their backs. There is evidence that swaddling decreases the risk of SIDS because, if a baby settles well on its back when swaddled, the parents are less likely to put them on the fronts to sleep in desperation.

What is swaddling and why should you swaddle your baby?

For me one of the main reasons for swaddling my first baby was to strap his arms down. He used to wave them about the more tired he became. He then knocked his head or scratched himself in the face and started crying. Swaddling is especially important for babies with a strong startle reflex.

You can use swaddling to help settle your baby down when they are over stimulated. Or you can swaddle them when they just need to feel a type of comfort which is similar to the tightness and security of the womb. Swaddling can truly be a lifesaver for parents desperate for sleep both for themselves and their baby.

If you need some help in how to properly swaddle you baby then have a look at this blog post we wrote on it 2 years ago.

Bamboo Swaddles are the best for your baby

Newborn babies have not yet learned to regulate their temperature, so bamboo rather than cotton is the perfect fabric for swaddling or clothing them. It is completely breathable, moisture wicking and will allow for some variation in the baby’s temperature, keeping the baby either warm or cool, whichever is needed. Yes, really!

If you are going to swaddle your baby, then Easy Mom & Baby’s Soft n Snuggly Bamboo Muslin Swaddle Blankets are an extremely useful nursery essential for new mums. They scooped the top award in the Baby category of  the 2016 ‘Janey Loves’ Platinum Awards.


They are lovingly made from 100% organic super soft bamboo. If you don’t already know, bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, breathable and suitable for babies with eczema or similar skin complaints. It will naturally wick away moisture leaving your baby cool and dry.

The bamboo in the Soft ‘n’ Snuggly range does not use any type of pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers. It is hand printed using safe non-toxic water based inks. Certificated to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, these swaddle blankets are the eco-friendly option for mums who truly care about our environment. They are also machine washable (but please, no fabric conditioner to be used). They can be tumble or air dried.

Muslin Swaddles have many uses

At an extra large, generously sized 120 by 120 cm, Soft ‘n’ Snuggly Swaddles can be used to swaddle your baby for peaceful sleeping. But they are also multi-functional and can be used for burping, as a nursing cover, a tummy time mat, a stroller blanket or cover, a towel, a changing mat, even an emergency cloth nappy (!) and much more. Older children with sensory processing issues also adore the softness of this fabric.  Many choose to use these blankets as comforters.

You could buy one of these swaddles on Amazon for ease.  But if you fancy a discount and connecting with us direct, then please email lis@easymomandbaby.com and we’ll do you discount.