Games to Make Early Mommyhood Fun for Mother and Child

When you’re a new mother, you may be spending a significant part of your day alone with your newborn. This time forces you to get creative to keep the little one happy and yourself stress-free. It can be easy to slip into a monotonous routine that makes the days seem to drag on, which is why we’ve put together this list of fun activities for new moms and their babies in the early days. Go […]

How Parenthood Can Change Your Relationship

To say having a child won’t impact your relationship just wouldn’t be true. It’s a major change that means major adjustments to your life with your spouse or partner. But this change isn’t a bad thing, you just have to know it’s coming and make sure to acknowledge and adjust when it does. First of all, having a baby will impact intimacy. From the physical changes associated with pregnancy and delivery that make intercourse uncomfortable […]

How a Doula Can Help Throughout Your Pregnancy

Every expectant woman could use a helping hand and calming voice throughout her pregnancy and a doula is the original cheerleader for moms to be. If you aren’t familiar with doulas or are considering having one be a part of your pregnancy journey, here is a little about doulas and the services they provide. The practice of doulas goes back centuries and the word “doula” actually has Greek roots, meaning “women’s servant” or “a woman […]

6 Activities Pregnant Women Should Avoid

When you’re expecting a child, you always have to think about their safety and wellbeing along with yours. Exercise is a big part of keeping you and the baby healthy, but there are limits to what fitness and recreational activities a pregnant woman should participate in to avoid unnecessary strain or injury. While that doesn’t mean you must become inactive (unless advised by your doctor), these are the six activities pregnant women should avoid for […]

Hypnosis for Pregnancy and Childbirth

A new alternative therapy is growing rapidly in popularity to help with the various stages of pregnancy as well as the experience of childbirth and adjustment to motherhood — hypnosis. And this isn’t the dangling pocket watch you may be imagining! Hypnotic techniques and methods can help you feel your best and help reduce anxiety as you prepare for your baby and beyond. There is a specialist branch of hypnotherapy, called hypnobirthing which has become […]

10 Top Tips for Surviving HER Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of great physical, mental and emotional changes and not just for the future mother. Fathers-to-be also experiences a huge shift as they prepare for the arrival of their child while also taking on the role of partner and supporter during this journey. So don’t worry future dads, we haven’t forgotten about you! Here are 10 ways to make your wife’s pregnancy a smoother, more enjoyable time for the both of you […]

What to Buy to Prepare for Your Baby’s Arrival

Having a baby is a major financial undertaking as well as a physical and emotional one. Today, there are countless items marketed as “must haves” and “necessities” for new parents that can make you question whether you need a bigger house and an extra pay check too. But do you really need to spend the money on all those things? Our answer is no. So, we put together this list of items you should have, […]